Howie’s Spiked Half and Half

Like all great stories, it begins with a group of friends hanging around having a great time. Howie’s is no different. It was the Summer of ’16 and a group of us were relaxing at the beach, day turned into night and the party got bigger. One of the girls in our group was mixing Lemonade and Tea with a variety of Spirits. They tasted unbelievable. One of our friends, let’s call this person “Howie”, was maybe having a little too much fun dancing around the fire to where he tripped and nearly fell in….promise you it was much funnier than it sounds. No one got hurt and from that moment on, whenever we wanted to party, we simply said “Let’s kick it with Howie”. Howie is our rally call and to that night on the beach, we figured out a way to put that magic in a can for you to enjoy and create your own “Howie moments”.